Random Rant: Grateful, Hopeful, Blessed.


Hey hey!

I honestly can’t believe it’s October already. I just looked at my planner and saw a bunch of tests lined up and was like “whaaa?!” when did that happen??

Anyhow, I just wanted to come on here and talk a little bit about gratitude. I was talking to a friend the other day and he was feeling kind of down and overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that he had. After having a pretty extensive conversation about what was wrong with his life, I asked him to tell me 15 things he was grateful for. To be honest its usually a lot harder for us to think about the good things that we have going for us because we have been socialized to discuss the bad.

When I speak to some people, I almost feel like they take more pride in their pain than in their success. It’s almost noble to constantly acknowledge what’s not going right for you. I think we would be generally happier people if we remind ourselves constantly of all the things that are going well for us. My mom has a “praise book” where she writes down daily miracles, or you could just make a mental list of what you’re thankful for. I just know for a fact that when I think of just how blessed I am, sometimes it seems almost silly to be miserable over certain things.

This doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be those days when you just want to pout, but if you spend everyday sulking and pouting about how unfair life is, you WILL miss out on a ton of happiness. One thing that always inspires me is this ;”the fact that you’re alive means you still have something the world needs”. That in itself (the gift of life) is something so special that we can be thankful for everyday.