Transit Thoughts

Thoughts I have while I commute

Transit ThoughtsHi Guys!

So I’ve thought long and hard about what my next post should be and I decided it should be about thinking. Trust me this wasn’t a lazy conclusion (okay maybe just a little bit) but you know how people always talk about the deep reflective moments they have in the shower, I thought I should give a little love to the deep reflections I have when I’m on the subway.

First of all I think there are 5 types of transit users; the people who read, the music listeners, the ad watchers, the people watchers and the sleepers. Clearly from this assessment I’m a people watcher. I observe subway interactions, and for the few stops where the subway goes above ground, I observe people outside and make up little stories about their lives. For example if you’re in the GTA you’ve probably gone past Old Mill station. There’s a lake that runs below and sometimes you’d see people in boats fishing. I always imagine that the people in the boats are having some really deep introspective conversation because those are the kind of talks you have on a lake really.

Anyhow, my thoughts usually begin once I enter the station. “The germs that are just thriving on the railings and door handles“, “What if the transit collector doesn’t see me put in my token and decides to make a scene? Then I’d look him/her square in the face and fight back. But what if they call the police cause they don’t believe me?” Of course this doesn’t happen so I proceed to the platform. “I hope the train isn’t full“, “I hope more people don’t get here before the train comes so it wouldn’t be full“-the train comes and its full-“I hope someone gets off soon“.

In the midst of these thoughts I have some major pet peeves though. First of all if I have to stand on the train then so be it but if someone leaves, I don’t see any real reason why I shouldn’t sit. Now of course there are times when you may really just not feel like sitting but brother why are you blocking the chair?! Are you saving the seat for your imaginary friend? Please if you’re not interested in sitting, let someone else access the seat. Thank you! My second pet peeve is really just something that gives me unnecessary anxiety. When an older person gets on the streetcar, my expectation is that they should sit as quickly as possible, especially when there are several available seats close to the entrance because once the streetcar moves you run the risk of falling but NO! some people would decide to walk past all the available seats till the streetcar starts moving then they start scrambling for a seat which would usually end up being the seat of someone who doesn’t want them to fall or the seat next to somebody. This point segues to my next issue, the people who sit next to you in a streetcar or train with several empty seats -_-. Maybe it’s just the need for human contact but seriously?!! in an empty streetcar the only seat you wanted was the one next to me?

I think of many other things when I’m in transit, where my fellow passengers are going, what their lives are like, what they must be thinking as they ride on, what they’re listening to, if they’re enjoying what they’re reading, why eye contact on the subway is so creepy, what crazy event could happen on my way to where I’m going and so many other things. Like I said, transit thoughts feel a lot like bathroom thoughts just with live characters driving them.

I’d really like to hear what thoughts other people have when they’re on the bus or streetcar or train or even in your car.

Sunday Best


nautical outfit

Hey guys!!

So as you all probably know by now, I love clothes! I love making them and I love buying them. I especially love making them because as much as I love buying clothes, my finances aren’t really set up for such wild behavior. However I recently found this crop top for $10 and I’m sure we’re going to have a beautiful relationship 🙂 .

striped crop top

I never do ootd’s on here but I was feeling extra fly on this day, the weather was banging, we were walking and my brother was inspired hence photoshoot!stripes and peach

Dab game on fleek doe

Initially wore heels with this outfit but I quickly switched those out for flats…a decision I was very satisfied with.

crop top and pencil skirt


abstract dabbing

Pictures by Willyverse

Never forget

Encouragement for job-seekers

Hey guys!

never forget grey's anatomy

So lately I’ve been looking for a job. I found this picture super funny because this is literally how I feel every time I apply for a job and plus I’m re-watching Grey’s Anatomy so it just seemed even funnier. The reality of things though is that there are days I get frustrated and I’m sure anybody who is job hunting or has done so before knows what I mean. For one, the idea that my resume is supposed to be an accurate representation of my skills and abilities still doesn’t make any sense to me. There may be so many things that make me perfect for a particular position or work environment but how do you communicate that in your one page resume?

Then of course there are the thousands of articles and people telling you how to get a job and even though you keep trying those things it just doesn’t seem to work as easily as they make you think it would. You know it wouldn’t be all sunshine and rainbows but sometimes you just want to not have to deal with all of it for a bit. Oh and lest I forget the anxiety you feel when somebody views your linkedin profile…ANONYMOUSLY!!!! What’s that even about? Is this someone I’ve applied to or is this someone creeping on my profile?

From time to time you would have little glimmers of hope that would encourage you to keep applying but the rejection might get a little overwhelming on other days. On those days when you’re feeling low, remember these things.

1) You earned your degree. More than the finances that went in, you put time, sleepless nights, tears and anxiety into that degree and nobody can take that away from you

2) When people try to offer you peanuts as your salary remember how much you invested into your education. This is time for you to get a return on said investment so anything less than the fees you paid is the economy’s attempt at short-changing you.

3) The company put up an ad! They need you more than you need them if you ask me. Especially somebody as talented and as brilliant as you! So don’t let anybody make you feel like they own you; because you were minding your business when they cried out to the world for help. You were kind enough to let them know how amazing you are so don’t let them take that for granted.

4) Your future is so bright! Its okay for these people to sleep on you right now because someday you’ll be so successful that they would wish they were part of your story.

For all my fellow job-seekers outchea keep your head up 🙂 all things work together for the good of them that love Him

ps. for all my Canadians, Happy Thanksgiving!!!