Third time’s the charm

How to make a romper

Third time's the charm :Begin

Hey guys! So you remember that Aaliyah song;  “try again”? I was sitting in front of my sewing machine a couple of weeks ago and this song had never been truer. After two failed attempts at making a romper daddy Lord has delivered me!!! My first attempt resulted in my patterned shorts, my second attempt failed so woefully I didn’t have the heart to take pictures but well well, third time’s the charm dearies 😀 ( I need to stop watching once upon a time).

Third time's the charm Begin

I did a number of things differently this time around but what made the biggest difference was the fabric choice. I made this with double knit fabric which has plenty of stretch. I also made the top very roomy to account for the issues I had the first time around. Finally, I tried to make it “high-waisted’ because I have realized that shorts without waistbands just don’t quite get to my waist, then again maybe I’m just doing something wrong.

Begin Romper

The difficulty of this project, taking into account that I only got it right on my third try is an 8/10. This specific romper however was not as challenging, possibly cause I had done it a couple of times before.The only thing I would change is the way the back hangs. I think I might have been a little too generous with the fabric on top. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be to match up the stripes. I also decided to cuff the bottom because hemming this fabric made it spread all weird for some reason.Third times the charm: Begin


All in all I was very satisfied. I shall now live in this romper and my kimono for the rest of summer.

Third time's the charm: Begin

I took advantage of the first hot day in a long long time and went to the park with my brother.Got some delicious Vitamin d in.

Third time's the charm: Begin

Pictures by Willyverse

Friday Night

Showered, changed, sitting in bed…


There’s something about Friday night that makes me not want to do squat. My hair is only half finished but I can’t be bothered right now. I certainly don’t feel like studying, as a matter of fact anything “productive” just seems too much right now. I was hoping to come up with something profound to say, something that I would read months from today, maybe years down the line and say “mehn I’m good”, but I simply can’t be bothered. I just want simplicity tonight.

Tonight reminds me of a painting I did a while back.

Friday Nights- Begin

It really didn’t have some deep meaning, it was just fun to do and it made me feel good. I didn’t have to explain it, in fact an explanation would have soiled it. Tainted it with pretentious depth. I guess this Friday night is one to be alone with my thoughts. The utter randomness of this post probably testifies to that.

I’d probably paint my nails and watch Friends and pretend to have no responsibilities. Or maybe I’d try to think of a solution to world issues and then stumble on an amazing idea. Or I’d watch a disney movie, cry at the sad parts, then think of how the movie had underlying themes of gender or class inequality. I guess it really doesn’t matter what I do tonight. Not everything has to be deep and profound and meaningful. Like my professor told me today; “sometimes its enough to just notice certain things and not assign any meaning to them”. Tonight, I will explore my mind, its been a while since I just pondered for pondering sake.

I would make myself some tea but that requires moving. ughh. Yea I’d just sit here and not do that thank you very much.

Goodnight 🙂