Random Rant: Vera Bradley got me cheesin’ real hard!

Begin-Vera Bradley

My momma and sister were in San Fransisco late August and they were sweet enough to stop by Vera Bradley and pick up a little gift for me, well two little gifts. I vaguely remembered a couple of youtubers that I religiously watch, mentioning the brand but I had never looked into it. Now that I have…Vera Bradley is a color lover’s heaven!!  

Begin-Vera Bradley

My mom and sister got me these really pretty hair pins and gel pens but what the store is really famous for are bags. They have bags in the same print as my hair pins (Cocoa Moss) which I thought was cute. I also loved how the receipt came in this pretty little envelope almost like I was rewarded for paying. Its always exciting when you find a new store to obsess over isn’t it? No? Just me? Weeell this is awkward… :p

Begin-Vera Bradley

Skirting about with the magic of patterns


Ooh la la!!!!!!!

I had no idea how amazingly fantastic patterns were! And no I don’t mean patterned fabric (although that’s also uber fantastic and relevant to this post). I’m talking about patterns that help you craft the perfect piece every time, much like a stencil if you will.

I feel the need to explain what a pattern is because I had never heard of one up until a couple of months ago when I first started researching how to make my own clothes. There are tons of blog posts that explain better what a pattern is but basically its a cut out that helps to guide you on how exactly to cut your fabric for a specific piece of clothing. You could buy your patterns ooooor make them which is what I decided to do. I would discuss how to make your patterns in a future post as I’m still learning and trying to perfect it myself.


Anyhow, I made a pattern for a pencil skirt and seeing as I had quite a bit of fabric left over from the shorts I decided to make myself this pretty little number!


For difficulty I would rate this a 5/10.

My main challenges were:

*attaching the invisible zip. (I find Zippers in general to be a little tricky)

*When I had finally succeeded with the zip, I decided to add a little pearl button to hold the waist together but unfortunately I had not accounted for a button hole so that bit is still a little wonky.

*Finally there was the huge debacle of the pointy hips. This was a problem that came from my pattern. (Note to self: don’t try to draw a curved line with a straight ruler, it just won’t work boo!). Anyhow that was fixed by trying it on, pinning things in place and sewing down.

I’m pretty happy with the outcome, well i’ll be really happy as soon as i find a way around that wonky button hole 🙂Begin-skirt back

All things work together…

Begin:patterned shorts

So this week I took a trip to the fabric store in search of two things, some lining for a dress I’m working on and some really pretty lace I spotted on my last trip to the fabric store. However as I entered, what wondrous thing did my eyes behold?… A SALE!!! All my initial plans went out the window and although I still managed  to pick up the lining, I also bagged two fabulous extras.

Begin:patterned shortsBegin:patterned shorts

When I spotted both fabrics, the first thing that came to mind was “Romper!”.  The colors went fabulously together and when I cut and pinned it all together I was giddy with excitement, Alas my excitement was very short lived as I absolutely butchered the top of my romper through bad measurements. The shorts had however worked pretty well so I decided to make that worth my while

I would rank the difficulty of this project at 7/10 (beginner’s opinion)

My initial challenge with the shorts was the way it sat way too low in the back. This was fixed by adding a waistband.

After adding the waistband I found that the waistband did not quite fit my waist so I decided to take it out., fold it over and add a piece for buttons. This seemed like a great idea until I tried it on and realized it looked absolutely ridiculous.  There was a huge magical gap that appeared out of nowhere between my body and the waistband for no apparent reason and they shorts sat really low once again.

Tired and frustrated I decided to sleep on it and try again the next day.

I took out the waist band once again, unfolded it and re-attached but of course it was still too big. And then I discovered the magic of darts!!! I could have saved myself the trial and error by just doing a teeny bit of research but alas I had to discover things for myself. After fiddling with the darts here and there, I finally managed to get the shorts right. Popped in a couple of buttons and ta daah!

It was certainly worth the trouble. Absolutely love these bad boys!

Begin:patterned shortsBegin:patterned shorts