The Nigerian Woman| Then and Now

Iquo Ukoh

Hey guys!

As promised here is the first in my Nigerian woman series. To start off I decided to gain some perspective by asking my mother. She was the perfect go-between as she has the benefit of time and consequently has had a fuller experience than I have of being a Nigerian woman.

Iquo Ukoh-Begin
          Mrs Iquo Ukoh

Who are you? (What are the things that make up your identity, likes, interests, quirks)

A wife , a mother, a career woman and a mentor to many young women.

I am a woman that is driven by excellence and a passion to succeed no matter the odds. Even though I did not study marketing in the University but I have become one of the names in marketing to be reckoned with in Nigeria.

In recent years I have decided to channel my creative passions via food blogging, creating new recipes and educating my followers on healthy lifestyle options.

What do you feel it means to be Nigerian, especially a Nigerian woman?

Nigerians are passionate and expressive people. The determination to succeed is one of the most salient characteristics of the Nigerian people. No wonder many Nigerians stand out wherever they are found around the world. A Nigerian woman no matter her social status  is one that is ready to challenge the status quo and dare to try in a man’s world. Cultural and religious limitations continue to place impediments in her path but the Nigerian woman is finding her way around this. It’s not been easy but a certain level of progress has been made

What changes have you noticed in your perspective as time has gone on?

Whilst my mum’s generation were mainly sit at home mothers, today a lot of mums are economically active one way or the other. The limited opportunity for employment has necessitated that women go out to generate income for their households. More women are heading organizations which heather to were mainly the men’s domain . We see women in previously male dominated professions like engineering and  architecture. I am seeing many more women taking charge of their lives and really challenging dominant ideas regarding their abilities.

What are your hopes for young Nigerian women?

The sky is the limit for young Nigerian women who are ready to work hard to achieve their set goals. The road may not be easy but the opportunities are limitless. The average Nigerian man has not quite shifted in his perception that the woman should be seen and not heard. This stance is more apparent in some cultures than others. However, when I see the giant strides young Nigerian women are achieving today  in areas previously dominated by men, I am hopeful.

Where can people find you?

My blog, 1qfoodplatter

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The Nigerian Woman|The Introduction



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Hey guys!

I know it has been a while since I’ve been on here. I have been working on a small series about Nigerian women. I’m Nigerian, a Christian, working on being a grown woman, a creative with a head of curly hair that isn’t always cooperative and I love a good debate. I lived in Nigeria all my life till I moved to Canada for school. Every now and again when I meet people they ask if I’m Nigerian, you know “really” Nigerian. Sometimes I wonder what that means, what it means to be “really” Nigerian. What validates one person’s nationality over another. More than that, I wonder what it means to be a Nigerian female.

On the one hand being a female in Nigeria presents a host of patriarchal issues. There are more than enough people ready to tell you how you need to look and act and talk, where you can work, what you can be, when you should be married and how you should keep said marriage. With the host of do’s and don’t’s, sometimes we lose sight of how actual Nigerian women see themselves. This is why I decided to do this series; to remind myself and learn a little bit more about what it really means to be a Nigerian woman.

I found a few truly amazing women to share their stories with me and I will share those with you over the course of the next few weeks but before I do I thought I’d ring you in with this little introduction. Hope you enjoy!! 🙂