Random Rant: Vera Bradley got me cheesin’ real hard!

Begin-Vera Bradley

My momma and sister were in San Fransisco late August and they were sweet enough to stop by Vera Bradley and pick up a little gift for me, well two little gifts. I vaguely remembered a couple of youtubers that I religiously watch, mentioning the brand but I had never looked into it. Now that I have…Vera Bradley is a color lover’s heaven!!  

Begin-Vera Bradley

My mom and sister got me these really pretty hair pins and gel pens but what the store is really famous for are bags. They have bags in the same print as my hair pins (Cocoa Moss) which I thought was cute. I also loved how the receipt came in this pretty little envelope almost like I was rewarded for paying. Its always exciting when you find a new store to obsess over isn’t it? No? Just me? Weeell this is awkward… :p

Begin-Vera Bradley

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