Another Year Older…

I can’t believe I’m 20!

This was the age I looked up to when I was little and I imagined I would be so grown. I imagined I would have done so much with my life and everybody would know my name. Well 20 doesn’t quite look like that :/ . I have spent the past few days/weeks leading up to today reflecting on what I have achieved. What I’m learning is that everybody has their own path in life. Of course you determine what that path looks like through the choices that you make or don’t make but each person’s journey through life is uniquely theirs. Yes I’ve felt a bit anxious about this birthday, what it means, the next phase of my life but I’m happy still. I’m happy to have made it this far. Happy for growth and the people I have met along the way who have helped me grow. I’m happy for the moments; big or small that have made me smile, cry or just feel. I’m grateful for who I have become and who I am becoming. I don’t know if I’m any wiser than I was a couple of hours ago as a 19 year old but hey! I’m ready for 20, ready to move forward and ready to be “grown”. This doesn’t mean I’m getting rid of all the “childish” things in my life (for those of you that had hoped for that :p ) but I’ve been working on being a responsible member of society so that should be sufficient for now.

Begin another year older


Picture by Willyverse

One thought on “Another Year Older…

  1. Happy birthday hun. I’ve been pretty excited to turn twenty but a friend said to chill and just take it a step at a time.

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