All things work together…

Begin:patterned shorts

So this week I took a trip to the fabric store in search of two things, some lining for a dress I’m working on and some really pretty lace I spotted on my last trip to the fabric store. However as I entered, what wondrous thing did my eyes behold?… A SALE!!! All my initial plans went out the window and although I still managed  to pick up the lining, I also bagged two fabulous extras.

Begin:patterned shortsBegin:patterned shorts

When I spotted both fabrics, the first thing that came to mind was “Romper!”.  The colors went fabulously together and when I cut and pinned it all together I was giddy with excitement, Alas my excitement was very short lived as I absolutely butchered the top of my romper through bad measurements. The shorts had however worked pretty well so I decided to make that worth my while

I would rank the difficulty of this project at 7/10 (beginner’s opinion)

My initial challenge with the shorts was the way it sat way too low in the back. This was fixed by adding a waistband.

After adding the waistband I found that the waistband did not quite fit my waist so I decided to take it out., fold it over and add a piece for buttons. This seemed like a great idea until I tried it on and realized it looked absolutely ridiculous.  There was a huge magical gap that appeared out of nowhere between my body and the waistband for no apparent reason and they shorts sat really low once again.

Tired and frustrated I decided to sleep on it and try again the next day.

I took out the waist band once again, unfolded it and re-attached but of course it was still too big. And then I discovered the magic of darts!!! I could have saved myself the trial and error by just doing a teeny bit of research but alas I had to discover things for myself. After fiddling with the darts here and there, I finally managed to get the shorts right. Popped in a couple of buttons and ta daah!

It was certainly worth the trouble. Absolutely love these bad boys!

Begin:patterned shortsBegin:patterned shorts

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