Living through filters.

I’m done.

I’m soo ready to start my holiday and not have to deal with assessments for a while.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and he said something that I have been mulling over for a few days now. He said that in this social media age more and more people are starting to live their lives through filters. This means that people are no longer being genuine with what they post on the internet and they are constantly trying to keep up with the characters they have created. For example if you always have pictures of you being “sexy” you feel the need to maintain that “ooo I’m bad and I don’t care what you say” persona. (except you kinda do or you wouldn’t have posted it for people to comment on)

The problem with this is that you may not necessarily be that person that people perceive you to be on the internet.  Of course if people think you’re a perfectly responsible member of society who is also very fun, attractive and drama free, its a little difficult to see what could be wrong with that. BUT in the event that the above description does not fit you perfectly, it could be hard to open up to people. You could find yourself stuck with the burden of maintaining everyone’s expectations of your perfection and seeing as you’re not perfect you obviously do not have the time for such tom foolery. You should be spending all of that energy working on yourself instead of pretending to have it all together.

I don’t know if this need to live a double life was created by social media or if social media has only come to fan the flames of an existing problem. Maybe the internet gives us a place to mask our insecurities and hide from the vulnerability that comes with everyone knowing your flaws.It may  very well be impossible to be entirely transparent on the internet because what you post is simply a moment in your 24hr day and in that fact there would always be bias. I suppose what I am suggesting is that we teach ourselves to live real lives when we are away from the internet. We need to have genuine conversations and vulnerability. I believe that there’s more to every individual than what they post on the internet. We all need to act like it…

#nofilter 🙂

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