Black pencil skirt

Black pencil skirt-BeginHey guys!

Taking a quick break from the Nigerian Woman series to bring a style post cause I feel I haven’t done one in a while!

So I made this skirt ages ago and took the pictures a long while back but for some reason I just have not posted it until now. You know how you buy a ton of stuff but you only end up using a select few on a regular basis, same thing happens when you sew. I’ve made a lot of things but this is one of the few that I have worn A LOT! That’s possibly why I hadn’t posted this yet because I got so used to having it in my closet that I forgot to blog about it.

This was pretty easy to make. I started off with stretchy fabric; if you’re going to replicate this I suggest using something thick just so you don’t have to worry about lining it or how it clings to every bump and crevice -_-. I cut out a rectangle with the length of the skirt and the breadth was wide enough to go around my hips. From that point, I just added darts to taper the waist and took in the side seams till I was satisfied with the shape of the skirt.

Black skirt-Enang Ukoh

Now this was probably not the most efficient way to manage the fabric but it definitely seemed easier. When I had finished the skirt I cut out another rectangle which was 4 inches wide and the length of my waist and used that to make my waist band. For difficulty, I would rate this project a 3/10, it really was that straightforward and I’ve gotten so much use out of it!

I’m thinking of giving more details of how I create certain pieces, almost like an outfit recipe…we’ll see how that works out šŸ™‚


Pictures by Willyverse

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