Mustard Yellow Bodycon Dress

mustard dress

Hey Guys!!

I am still so proud of my self for making this dress and just so pleased at how the shoot turned out. This fall the colors I was inspired by were brown, mustard yellow, grey and forest green so of course when I saw this fabric I had to have it. That touches on my impulsive buying habits just a little but that’s a story for another day.

kinky hair

natural hair shot

This is most definitely not a beginner project in my opinion, but then again with the right pattern and careful cutting you can achieve greatness. I started out by making my pattern from different articles of clothing that I own and adjusted for length and minor details like the shape of the neck hole. After which I cut everything out.

Mustard yellow dress

fall style 2015

I attached the top bodice pieces to each other on the sides and then attached those to the bottom of the dress which I had also sewn up on the sides. Next I sewed the shoulders together and then proceeded to attach the sleeves. Now do not be deceived, I had to redo that step a few times before I got it right but all’s well that ends well.

Bodycon dress

Afro hair

Then the two most frustrating parts came upon me; putting in the zipper and finishing the raw edges!! I’m still not very good at sewing straight lines so needless to say hemming was an absolute disaster. This fabric is also so unforgiving because it curls up if your lines aren’t straight. This was the point I resorted to my trusty pal hemming tape. Hemming tape has been a friend in┬átimes of need. When my sewing machine refuses to work with me, I know hemming tape would stand by me. I love you hemming tape! Okay a little dramatic I know but it’s really true.

yellow shift dress

Then of course there was my eternal struggle with putting in the zipper but I got it as right as I could really. Lest I forget, to achieve the finish I have on the neckline, I cut out the shape of the neck line in 3 inch strips and sewed those on then flipped them inside and tacked them down. There is probably a more technical term for that but #teamSelfTaught, we don’t curr bout all dat.


Yellow dress

Pictures by Willyverse


Black pencil skirt

Black pencil skirt-BeginHey guys!

Taking a quick break from the Nigerian Woman series to bring a style post cause I feel I haven’t done one in a while!

So I made this skirt ages ago and took the pictures a long while back but for some reason I just have not posted it until now. You know how you buy a ton of stuff but you only end up using a select few on a regular basis, same thing happens when you sew. I’ve made a lot of things but this is one of the few that I have worn A LOT! That’s possibly why I hadn’t posted this yet because I got so used to having it in my closet that I forgot to blog about it.

This was pretty easy to make. I started off with stretchy fabric; if you’re going to replicate this I suggest using something thick just so you don’t have to worry about lining it or how it clings to every bump and crevice -_-. I cut out a rectangle with the length of the skirt and the breadth was wide enough to go around my hips. From that point, I just added darts to taper the waist and took in the side seams till I was satisfied with the shape of the skirt.

Black skirt-Enang Ukoh

Now this was probably not the most efficient way to manage the fabric but it definitely seemed easier. When I had finished the skirt I cut out another rectangle which was 4 inches wide and the length of my waist and used that to make my waist band. For difficulty, I would rate this project a 3/10, it really was that straightforward and I’ve gotten so much use out of it!

I’m thinking of giving more details of how I create certain pieces, almost like an outfit recipe…we’ll see how that works out ­čÖé


Pictures by Willyverse