The Nigerian Woman: Unfinished

You thought it was done?

my girls

I know it has been more than a few weeks since I put up a Nigerian woman post but I am far from through with this series. When I started I wasn’t sure what I wanted to achieve by asking for these stories. All I knew when I started out was that I wanted stories and I wanted this to be an experience that was beneficial for the writer. I wanted it to be something that causes the writer to think more about themselves. At no point did I think that this would cause me to think more about myself and how I understand my identity as a Nigerian woman. (yes I realize I just called myself a woman and not a girl but I will address this later). Reading through the posts I have received, even the ones I am yet to share, I hear so many of my own thoughts echoed through the experiences of other women. When I read the stories of women in my family and I felt the same things I could attribute it to having shared experiences and while I share something with everyone I’ve asked to post so far, there is a surreal feeling reading the thoughts and perspectives that I have received so far.

I am truly grateful for all who have shared their stories with me and I can’t wait to continue sharing more stories.

Picture by Willyverse

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