The trouble with perfect


Hello, hello!

After months of essays, tests, meetings and the sort, third year is over. At the end of second year I decided to take stock and see what I had learned. I learned in first year that sometimes its okay to let go, in second year I learned that just because you let go of a plan doesn’t mean you have to let go of a dream. After third year I’ve learned that just because you’re used to something doesn’t mean you don’t need to work at it anymore. If anything I learned that the being good at something is simply an invitation to be better

Speaking to my sister last night, she told me something that I thought summed up my “discoveries” quite nicely; “life happens”. Its really important to have a plan and know where you want to be and where you’re heading at any point in time, but it is just as important to remember that just because you have a plan doesn’t mean that’s how things are going to go. Sometimes even the most perfect plans are ruined by the smallest, most mundane things and what do you do? You deal with it.

Often times we become so wrapped up in the perfection of our plans that we’re crushed when things don’t go as we hoped they would. In my experience, life “happening” is usually just the thing you need to help you find your way. Its kinda the way things tend to go; you never try you never know, you never fail, you never grow. (really wasn’t trying to rhyme there but hey!). Anyhow I’m grateful for another year with its new experiences and all the things I learned so far. I’m looking forward to my fourth year and all the novelties it promises to bring.

What are some of your most recent life discoveries?

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